Privacy Policy

We have a strong and unique privacy policy and we always work according to that privacy policy. You will require sharing your contact information with us if you have any kind of suggestions or issues. You will need to share your email ID and your name of course so we can reply you as soon as possible. We always make sure that your contact information should not shared with any third party who can make use of you contact information for their personal benefits. Here we are explaining our privacy policy in detail

Privacy Policy for Collecting your Web Browsing History

We will collect your web browsing history if you are browsing our website and this web history will be used so we can serve you best possible ads. We make sure not to share your web history with anyone who is not a part of our team.

Privacy Policy for your Contact Information

You will need to share your name and your email ID with us so we can reply you with best possible response as soon as possible. Your contact information will not share with anyone who can use this Information for their personal benefits.

We also have dedicated privacy policy for children so that we can make sure that your child should not share any kind of information with us. We have all rights that we can change our privacy policy without any kind of notification period.